Pricing & Divisions

Pricing 2024 TBA

Teams/Schools of 15 or more are eligible for a discount.  Contact

Amerikick Students receive a discount code.  Make sure to get the code from your instructor.

Registration ends Thursday, August 15th.  You CAN NOT register at the door on Friday or Saturday of the tournament!

Please Note that Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable!  Credits may be offered upon situation and approval.  Thank You.  

Please Note These Divisional Explanations:  NASKA “AA”  Divisions are Professional Black Belt Divisions that follow the official NASKA rules, ratings, seeds and prize money.   

NASKA “A” Divisions are NON NASKA rated Divisions.  They also include Amateur Black Belt Divisions.  There are no seeds, ratings or prize money for the NON NASKA  “A” divisions.  Competitors cannot compete in both NASKA “AA” and NASKA “A” Divisions.  See the complete NASKA rules for more information.

Amerikick Only divisions are for Amerikick students at Amerikick schools.  These divisions include Amerikick forms/katas and Amerikick Weapons.  Amerikick students who are registering to spar will register in the Non NASKA sparring divisions.  Amerikick Only sparring divisions are not offered.